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Our Summer of Awesomeness

Before I get too far behind on the blog, I thought I should really start combining events… like all of summer for instance! We really had the best summer ever. I wanted to have a good summer that wasn’t wasted on laying around. We had a great work schedule and learning schedule, and then the kids played with friends or we had activities to do ALL summer. It was seriously awesome and I was a little sad for the kids to go back to school. Here are some of the highlights:

Lehi round-up week and mini float parade


Our ward had a float in the Lehi round up mini float parade this year. I wanted my kids to have a chance to be in a real parade so I volunteered them to do it. All went well until the last mile of the parade. Nadia decided to reach for a piece of candy she saw on the street and flipped right off and had her arm ran over. It was pretty bad, but luckily no broken bones. The tired track marks were still noticeable 3 months later!

Natalya’s 6th birthday party


Natalya turned 6 on July 6th! We threw her a fun back yard pool party with all of her friends, and also had a family party as well!

We had an epic fireworks show for pioneer day, Trent and our friends spent money on a lot of fireworks and did a big show in our friends culdesac.


Tanner had a great season of baseball!


We spent a day at Lagoon with our good friends the Brewers


And swimming! We went swimming as often as possible. Three of the 4 kids can now swim and I love it!





Girl Scout Sleepover

Natalya participated in Girl Scouts during the school year, and at the end of the year we deicded to do a girl scout sleepover at a friends cabin in Park City. In the end only my friend Mauri and I could go (along with our girls). It was a blast!

We started out our night by going out to dinner. Then we headed to the cabin to play, make smores, and do a few crafts. I think Nadia was the messiest I have ever seen! After a bath we watched a movie with all kinds of junk food and then attempted to get the girls to fall asleep.


In the morning we went on a nice little hike, did some outlet shopping (that is part of girl scouts right?) and then headed home. It was fun to have a night away with my daughters and friends! Hopefully we can find another excuse to do it again.



Last Day of School and My First Offical 5k

When you are months behind on your blog, you kind of have to combine events just to catch up!

In May I ran my first official 5k (or maybe it was April?). My friend Sarah and I ran for Inter-mountain Healing Hearts to support my friend Mauri who little girl Darla Jane was born with a heart defect. It was a great 5k, other then there were hills! That about killed me. However, we finished right around 35 minutes which I thought was pretty awesome for my first race. Mauri and her kids walked it, so we were able to go back and walk the end with her! It was a great day!


Then, at the end of May the kids had their last day of school! I was able to help with Natalya’s last day of school beach party! Natalya loved Kindergarten, and loved her teacher Ms. Peterson. She also made some very good friends as well!


Natalya with her friends: Paisley, Mia, and Anjalee


Twins Baby Blessing

Yes, another set of twins in the Miskin family! This time it is Trent’s other brother Kory and his wife Elizabeth. In January they had identical twin boys, Gavin and Devin! Their little family spent part of the summer with Trent’s parents and so they blessed the babies and had a grand ole party!


It is very rare that all of Trent’s siblings are together, so we of course had to get a big group shot. I think it turned out pretty good considering all the people!

Afterwords we spent the day hanging out, eating, playing, eating, and talking and eating!


Gymmnastics and Dance Recitals and a Pinewood Derby

The beginning of summer also brings the end of year recitals! Natalya had her gymnastics recital where she showed off her routines she had been working on for months! It was fun to see how much she has improved since last year.


Nadia had her big ballet recital as well. She performed a number in Swan Lake. Her and her class were baby swans. I may be biased, but I thought they were the prettiest costumes in the whole performance! Nadia did great, while she kept looking off stage (come to find out Rothbart was waiting in the wings), she still did all her moves. She is such a great little dancer and I am excited to see how she improves as she gets older! Oh, and the first few pictures are from the dress rehearsal.


And not to leave out Tanner… he had his first Pinewood Derby! Trent and Tanner spent an entire day working on the car. And yes, Tanner actually did most of the work. It was a really fun event for everyone, and Nadia was especially happy to see her best friend Morgan! Tanner did really well, but in then ended up in 4th place. He was bummed but he had such a fun time he really didn’t care (which is saying a lot when it comes to Tanner). Oh and Tanner also received his Bobcat while at the derby, he had been waiting on it for a few months so he was very excited!


New York Day 5

This was our last day in New York! Luckily our flight didn’t leave until late, so we had the whole day to site see. We spent the morning eating and packing up, and then headed out on a boat cruise. Unfortunately it was very cold and windy, but it was still fun to see most of the sites we had missed (like Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty).


After our cruise we grabbed some lunch at The Shake Shack. Apparently it is the place to eat at in New York, and we had to wait in line for 30 or so minutes. It was pretty good, but I don’t know if I would wait in line to eat there again. We then headed back to Times Square to do shopping! We spent the whole rest of the day shopping and it was fantastic! I drug Trent into at least three different H&M’s.


We finished up by grabbing a hotdog and some candied cashews from a street vendor. I don’t know what it is, but that was the best hotdog I have ever had! We then headed to the airport and said good by to new York. I was an awesome trip for Trent and I. It was just long enough for us to enjoy, but short enough to not miss the kids too much. A huge thanks to my parents who watched the kids for us!


New York Day 4

Our fourth day in New York was also cool and rainy. We hit up an awesome pastry shop called Beard Papas for first breakfast (where they had the best hot chocolate) and then seriously the best donut shop ever for second breakfast. It was called Donut Plant and the donuts were seriously like 5 dollars each but they were divine. The tres leches donut was divine. We ended up buying three. including a pistachio and a hazelnut, but it was so hard to choose. Seriously if you like donuts and are ever in New York you have to go there.


After our very healthy breakfast we headed to the 9/11 memorial. It was very cool and sobering to be there. I wish it would have all been complete and the museum would have been open, but the memorial fountains and the new buildings going up were very cool to see.


After we stopped at a Small Italian restaurant. In New York all the restaurants are rated with letter grades based on their cleanliness. Every restaurant we went to was an A grade, which was amazing cause we went to some hole in the wall places that were cheap. Trent researched all the restaurants  before we went so we only went to the best rated (as far as taste) and cheapest (we never spent more than $30 on a meal). This Italian restaurant had a B rating, but it was by far the most amazing food we ate while in New York. I had a tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella salad, Trent ordered the lasagna, and I also ordered gnocchi. It was like heaven on a plate, their homemade mozzarella was seriousness the best thing I had ever eaten in my life. Be jealous.


From there we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately, we got there late and we didn’t know they were closing early so we only had about a little over an hour  to spend. And if you have ever been there you know that is not enough time! however, we tried to see as much as possible.


For dinner we hit up an arepas bar. And Trent was spot on with every where we ate. This place was also so good. It was fun becuse I ate a lot of food on this trip I never had before. The other fun things was the restaurants we ate at were very small, but they would squeeze in as many people as possible This meant eating elbow to elbow with strangers, which was fun in itself. We had some fun conversations while we were there.


Our last event of the night was seeing Wicked! We had great seats and it was so fun to be able to see it on Broadway. In the end though we both decided that we wish we went to see Newsies or Mary Poppins instead.


New York Day 3…err or Washington D.C.

On our third day we woke up way too early and had to catch a train to Washington DC! Seriously, without kids waking up early to catch a train and to then be on said train for 3 hours is actually somewhat enjoyable! Trent and I spent our time on our computers and napping. When we arrived in DC we checked our stuff into a locker and headed for the nearest Metro station.


We immediately started our day at the white house and surrounding areas. Checked out the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WW2 Memorial and reflecting pond (which actually wasn’t reflecting because they are doing construction on it) and a few other memorials surrounding the area. We then decided to get some lunch. Trent had places picked out for us to eat in DC too, but unfortunately we had some bad luck. We took the Metro to Dupont circle and then had to walk probably 3 miles in the rain  to get to the Amsterdam Falafel Shop. Luckily it was worth it! The food was excellent and I had never had Falafel before, and their fries were awesome. Oh, and I LOVED Dupont circle. I wanna live there someday. What I loved most about Washington DC was the old architecture. Our country is young, but it was so fun to see the buildings that have been around for 100 years, and how long it probably took them to build it!


After lunch we were smart and took a cab to the metro station which then took us back to the National Mall. Oh, but we had to take a stop at Crumbs for some cupcakes:) We spent the rest of our day at the National Archives and the Museum of Natural History. We would have hit up more museums but everything closed at 5pm. Which was sad for us. I loved that everything was free though, makes me want to go  back again someday with the kids.


Our next adventure to find food for dinner took us to the wrong part of town. We then had to walk about 12 blocks through through wrong part of town (thank goodness it wasn’t dark) to find a Wing Shack that ended up being closed! Then we got a cab to take us to a Thai place that also wasn’t open! And then Trent left his phone in the cab! Luckily both the cab driver and Trent noticed within seconds of him pulling away and we were able to get it back. We would have been LOST without it. So, having walked almost 30,000 steps that day (and yes I had my pedometer on), we found an area full of a bunch of restaurants and we picked the best rated one which happened to  be Vegan. We ordered a grilled cheese (vegan cheese?), soup and a dessert. It was actually pretty good, but after the fact the thought of Vegan cheese made me feel ill. Not long after that we had to head back to catch our train to New York. One day in DC was not enough, but we made the most of it!

The train ride home was uneventful and we were back to the inn by about 11pm. And we found out New York had terrible weather all day (wind, rain, thunderstorms) so we picked the right day to go to DC!


New York: Day 2

The best part of our whole vacation was the fact we had a very flexible schedule so even though we had plans to go out for breakfast Monday morning, we slept in until 9:30 instead. It was wonderful! Since our room was constantly replenished with food we just ate in our room and then headed out into the city! We spent the morning at the Central park zoo. It was a really nice zoo, but also small which was perfect. My favorite part was the seals that would swim around and around, occasionally jumping out to say hi! Part of the tickets involved watching a 3d movie. The one we caught was a movie about polar bears and it also had real wind or snow blowing in your face , as well as the seats moving and such, it was pretty awesome. Trent was very good about not working too much while on our trip, but with his job, it is impossible to completely be cut off… so I was sure to capture some of those moments!


After the park we made another long trek to the sandwich place we wanted to go to on Sunday (but it was closed, remember??).  This time it was open, yay! So we grabed some sandwiches and headed  back to the room to eat and take a rest. Oh, and we stopped by the best rated cookie shop in New York City on our way home too, the chocolate peanut butter cookie was divine!


This is when it started raining, so instead of going on a boat tour like we had planned, we decided to do our Top of the Rock tour. Trent had been to New York the year before and had done the Empire State building. He said it was over crowded and not worth the wait, so we did this instead. It was so fun to see all sides of New York, and even cooler since I love the show 30 rock! It was raining a bit, but that didn’t ruin our fun at all! Of course we had to hit up the Rockefeller plaza and the lego store.


For dinner we headed back to Brooklyn to eat at a pretty famous and popular pizza place called Grimaldi’s. Usually you have to wait in a very long line to be seated, but we arrived a little after 8, and had almost no wait! The pizza was delicious, and I am pretty sure I got hot chocolate there too. It was fun to have real New York Style Pizza. We also sat right next to two guys who live in New York. It was fun to talk to them and get a “local” view of places we should go. One of the guys had been living in New York for 7 years but is originally from out of the country. We asked him his favorite nice restaurant in New York, he said Red Lobster.


This was the night of one of few our “mess ups” of the trip. We were on the subway headed back to the Inn, and Trent realized he had left our camera at the restaurant. It being New York, and the fact we were leaving for DC in the morning, we knew we had to go right back. Unfortunately the subway station is several blocks away from the pizza place, and I had to use the bathroom pretty bad. So, I sent Trent to get the camera, while I went into a safe looking and very lit up grocery store. I wondered around the store until Trent came back (I thought that safer then being outside at night, and I was probably right). It only threw us off about 30 min, and the camera was safe and sound!



New York Day One

The day after Sasha’s birthday, Trent and I headed to New York to celebrate my 30th birthday and our upcoming 10th anniversary. Trent spent hours before our trip pretty much planning everything, so it was nice not to have to worry about all those things and just enjoy our vacation! And my parents were so awesome to watch the kids for us while we were gone. I think they all had a lot of fun.

Our flight left at 11:30 at night, but I wasn’t too worried cause we didn’t have kids with us (yay!). Unfortunately, neither Trent or slept very much, so luckily there was tv and other things to keep us entertained. When we arrived in New York it was about 5:30 am. We collected our luggage and I got to experience my first New York Taxi ride. Because it was so early in the morning it wasn’t too bad! Trent found a fabulous inn in Manhattan for us to stay. I was so surprised because I had no idea where we were staying. We figured since it was 6:30 we would have to drop our luggage off and come back later to get into our room, but lucky for us the room was available already! The owner was super nice and after we settled in and napped we found a basket full of breakfast food outside our door, and also when we arrived we noticed our kitchen was stocked full of all kinds of snacks and goodies. We then headed out to get some breakfast and do some sightseeing. We had decided beforehand that this trip would center around food, so Trent had all our meals planned out. This was great because we were able to try lots of different restaurants all over the city.

Our first place we ate at was a Jewish Deli called Barney Greengrass. I had a bagel with lox and eggs and Trent had some kind of breakfast bagel sandwich. I alsoh ad hot chocolate which was amazing (oddly enough I had a lot of hot chocolate on that trip, and it was all so good!).


After breakfast we walked over to see the Manhattan Temple. It was fun to see all the people walking down the street in their church clothes to go to church that morning. I also loved that there was such a peaceful feeling evening in the middle of a busy city!


After the temple we headed to Central Park! Sunday was a great day to arrive in the city, It was very laid back and there were lots of families out with their kids. I think I would have been more overwhelmed had it been a regular business day and millions of people were out! I felt like I was eased into this way. Central park was so much fun, I felt like there were so many things to look at and see. I loved all the street performers! Other then getting pooped on by a bird, it was a lot of fun!


After the park the park we walked down 5th Avenue and also through Times Square in order to get to a place we wanted to go to for lunch. After walked more than 40 blocks we realized the place we wanted to eat at was closed! Luckily we were able to switch it out with another place and we just hopped on the subway towards Brooklyn. We were only in a small part of Brooklyn, but it was fun to see a different part of New York. There was a farmers market going on, and lots of families on the sidewalks eating and hanging out. The place we ate at was called Brancaccios Food Shop and it was AMAZING. The best sandwich you will ever have. It was totally a local place with only a hand full of things on the menu. I  do not remember what either of us got, but it was so good and that is all that matters. The owner was super friendly and when we asked him what was good he said, “it is all good, I don’t make bad food”. Very well put! We sat outside on a bench and ate, and also got to know a cute family who told us all the places to eat… the were true Brooklynites too, so it was fun to talk to them.


After lunch we headed back to the Inn, and much to our surprise we had a giant chocolate cake waiting for us! And like all the other food we had that day it was amazing! I also captured some pictures of our room. The Inn was an old brownstone building where each floor was a different suite. Our suite was on the top floor and I loved all the fun decor.


After resting for a bit, we headed out to dinner.  I love Italian food so I was super excited. The atmosphere was just amazing. It was super crowded and loud, but it was prefect! Trent ordered a soup for an appetizer while I ordered fried artichoke hearts. Trent’s soups was pretty good and the fried artichoke hearts were fun to try, and also good, but kind of hard to eat. For our main dish Trent ordered the gnocchi while I got a seafood pasta. Trent’s gnocchi were divine, but my seafood pasta was amazing! The homemade noodles were perfection and the seafood was so fresh and tasty, I was in heaven! After dinner we walked down Times Square and then headed back to the Inn for the night. I loved not having kids around cause it didn’t matter when we went home, when we ate, when we slept, it was amazing!