Mar 25 2008

Tuesday Tell All:Jobs

This is possibly my least favorite subject because I don’t like to work, therefore, it is not fun for me to talk about it. However, someday my posterity may want to know how I earned money… here it goes

My first job was when I was a senior in high school as gymnastics coach for kids up to age 12. I absolutely loved this job, and would do it again if I had the chance.

When I came to BYU I worked at the new Creamery that just opened, and I worked behind the Grill. When winter semester rolled around, I moved to the original Creamery and worked register and behind the ice cream counter. I actually liked this job too.

When I was home for the summer after my freshman year I worked for a few months as a temp. I was full time, organizing hundreds of files for a company that had just gone through a strike. I was basically on my feet all day, looking for and stuffing papers in files on a wall long filing unit. I did not like this job.

After I had mono and was recovering at home, I worked part time for Bath and Body Works as part of their holiday staff. This was actually a fun job too.

I didn’t work when I went back to BYU winter term (after the mono) but during that following Summer I worked for a guy in my ward who was going blind because of diabetes. He was an old family friend. I did all his computer work, sent out packages, made presentations, booked flights, and dictated e-mails. I liked this job too, it was super flexible and I enjoyed working with him. (And good news, he got control of his diabetes and regained his vision!)

Back at BYU for the Fall, I worked at the Marketplace Cafe in the Tanner building on campus. This was not that great of a job either.

Trent and I were married over Christmas break, and I then worked full time for a company called RFP Depot. It was a company that supported government auction online. This job was okay, except it was full time, and I felt like it sucked the life out of me somedays. Also on Saturdays I coached Cougar Cubs Gymnastics. I loved this job too!

When I got pregnant with Tanner, I went back to school and worked part time at a call center doing phone surveys. This job also sucked the life out of me.

Now I am a Mom, and I love it, and never want to do anything else… except possibly coach gymnastics again if given the chance.

Mar 18 2008

Tuesday Tell All: Collections

When I was really little, I collected pennies. I had over 40 dollars worth of pennies at one point, with one dating back to 1928. When I was a teenager, I become greedy and rolled them up and turned them into the back. What did I buy? I have no idea.

Also, when I was younger, I collected bunny stuffed animals. I don’t know how many I had, but I think I had a lot. My favorite was Bun-Bun. I used to tie her to my wrist at night so I would have her just in case there was a fire. I still have bun bun who is now in Natalya’s room. I also have my very first bunny that I think I recieved when I was born.

When I was about 12 I started collecting cow stuff. By the time I was 18 my shelves and all was covered in cow stuff. I had a ton of stuffed animals and all kinds of knickknacks. I have whittled it down to a few pieces, along with some of the more meaningful stuffed cows, such as Bob, my very first stuffed cow (which is now also in Natalya’s room).6887

My collections now: I have already discussed this, but I collect Disney Cars Diecasts from the cars movie. I let Tanner play6890 with them and keep them in his room, but they are really mine. Here is a pictures of all 62. Some look like they are the same, but they really aren’t. And also, number 63 that lives in my sock drawer: Blue Ray McQueen (this is the one I got on ebay for 30 dollars).

I also collect high end hand bags. This is a collection that is supported solely by my Mom. Some of them are: coach, douney and burke, todds, and really good fake louis vuiton’s. My dream is to have Kate Spade, Burberry and Chanel bags someday.

My last collection is books. One day I want to have a library with all hard bound classic books. I have a lot, and I am slowly working down the 100 best books ever written list. I have probably only read half of them, but my goal is to read them all eventually.

Mar 11 2008

Tuesday Tell All

My friend Sarah blogged about this last week, and I thought it was an awesome idea! This site gives you a topic every Friday to blog about for “Tuesday Tell All”. It is really cool because it is a great way to document things for posterity, and for people to get to know you better. So, from now on I will try to blog my “Tuesday Tell All” every week, and I think you should too!
This weeks topic: Whats in a Name.

My first and middle name both have a story. Before I was born my Mom was reading a book and she read 6724that there was a city in England named Brittany. She really liked the name a lot, but wanted it to be pronounced Britt-NEY instead of Britt-ANY. However, the doctor told my Mom she was having another boy when she was pregnant with me (it was just a guess though, no gender ultrasounds back then). So, my name was supposed to be Evan, which is the name of my Nephew! My middle name is Joyce. This came from my grandma (my Dad’s Mom). I was her only grand daughter, and have inherited many things from her since her death 5 1/2 years ago. I was also able to do her temple work, and have her sealed to my Grandpa (who is still alive) and also stand her in place to have my father sealed to her and my grandpa. It was a really neat experience for me to do that.

Tanner’s name story is kind of funny. When I was pregnant with Tanner, and we knew we were having a boy, we had a6721 hard time picking out a name. One day we were sitting in church and Trent leans over and says, “What about Tanner?” I instantly loved it. The funny part is that we had a little boy in our Primary class named Branson Tanner, so we joke that his name came from that. It is partly true though, because we probably would have never thought of that name if he hadn’t been in our primary class! Tanner’s middle name is Dee. Trent’s brother Kory’s middle name is Dee, and so it Trent’s Dad’s middle name. Dee was a friend of Trent’s Grandpa in grade school. There is a story about how they become friends, and it is really cool, but now I can’t remember it. But we met Dee at Grandpa’s funeral last year, and we got the story then, I should’ve written it down.

749Trent and I picked Natalya’s name out after we were engaged. Trent served his mission in Ukraine and wanted to name our future daughter a Ukrainian name. I think at the time we threw around a couple names and decided we liked Natalya. Back then we were going to name her Natalya Alexandria. Then, fast forward 3 years we, found out were were having a girl and decided that we didn’t want her sounding too Ukrainian (or Russian) especially with a Russian sounding last name. Then it was an easy choice: Joyce! Named after me, her maternal great grandma, and her paternal grandma! Yes, her grandma Miskin’s name is Joyce too! Can’t go wrong with that one! Oh, and once I looked up the meaning of Natalya: Little Gymnast! Perfect!

This may be too much for everyone, but I have future kids names picked out too. If our next baby is a boy, he will be Logan Kenneth (I just have to finish convincing Trent on this one, I wanted to name Tanner Logan, but I have been patient). Kenneth comes from my Grandpa (it is also my Dad, brother and Nephew Evans middle names)

For a girl either Haley Marie or Bella Marie. Haley comes from a girl Trent liked at some point of his life ( we both really like the name though, it isn’t because of the person) and I think everyone knows where Bella comes from… and Marie is my Mom’s middle name.