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Crib Time

After we moved the kids into the bunk beds, we moved Nadia into the crib! She has been sleeping in a cradle in our guest room since she was about 4 weeks old, so it wasn’t a huge step for me. She does just took so tiny it in though!


The funniest part, Natalya still naps in the crib. Even though the crib is raised and the mattress is about 6 inches from the sides she still doesn’t climb out, haha!

I also love that Natalya sneaks into the room when she is supposed to be in bed. We will often find stuffed animals, books, or fluff (Natalya holds fluff in her hand when she sucks her thumb, it is a comfort thing) in the crib with Nadia. She will also turn on the little night stand light so she isn’t in the dark. She apparently is trying to comfort her, or be the mom.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I love this holiday. or any holiday where kids can learn about “magical”things. The kids woke up to giant coins scattered around downstairs for them to find, green milk, and green eggs! Tanner asked me a million questions about leprechauns all day long, and now he wants to go to the end of a rainbow to find the rest of the gold!

We also made green cake and all wore green! I wish I had more pictures but I was unmotivated to take pictures yesterday. We also had intentions of making crafts but the weather was too nice to stay inside! So Tanner and some of his neighbor friends went on a hunt for more leprechaun gold!!


For dinner we had our traditional rueben sandwiches. Guess from everyone being sick (everyday someone else is sick, yesterday Natalya, today Tanner) I wasn’t very prepared. After reading other people’s blogs and gettubg ideas I think we will have an even better St. Patricks Day next year!

Flashback Friday

It has been a while since I have done one of these!


I thought this was interesting. Tanner and Natalya are 2 years, 3 and a half months apart in age. Natalya and this next baby will be 2 years and 4 months apart… almost the same! This is a picture of Tanner at 23 months old, and me 4 months pregnant… just like now! Except it is Natalya that is 23 months old!

Flashback Friday

This Flashback Friday is in support my friend Sarah and her 80’s inspired get together…

Here is a picture of me, a product of the 80’s. Although this was taken in 1990, it counts as the 80’s because it was when I lived in Indiana and their styles were behind a few years.


My favorite is the poof bangs and the jumper (that was made by my mom, thank you), and the ENORMOUS smile, I must have been excited to start second grade. If a poor soul dressed like this now, they may get beaten up… or maybe everyone would think it was retro cute?

Flashback Friday

It has been a while since I have posted a flashback Friday! I have been thinking all day today (off and on) about what I should post. I decided to post something that I would like my children and grandchildren to know someday: I actually did something nice in high school. For me, it seems like I did some things that were not nice things in high school, that I treasure the moments when I did something right.

I was in a body sculpting class for PE, and I had made a few good friends in there. Everyday we had to walk or run three miles on the track, so my little group of friends and I would get together and chat. One day when we were walking out to the track, this girl walks up to me and goes off, ” Why are you talking about me, you think your so cool with your friends, and you are sitting there talking trash about me”. I was shocked, mostly because I wasn’t talking about her at all! I tried to explain to her that I was not talking bad about her, or talking about her period. She would not listen, she just kept saying, ” I saw you looking at me and laughing, you think your so smart, but you better watch it”. I was so embarrassed because it was in front of everyone, plus I was upset because it came from nowhere. I didn’t even know this girl, let alone talk about her.

I though a lot about this for a few weeks. It really bothered me that she did that, and I was trying to think of a way to show her that I hadn’t been talking bad about her. The more I thought, I realized that maybe she was super self-conscious because she didn’t have any friends in the class, or that she had no one to chat to during our walks.

Fast forward a month or so, it was Christmas time. For some reason my high school in Georgia went crazy during Christmas. Everyone brought bags of stuff to school, filled with presents for friends, cards and candy, and all kinds of other Christmas treats to hand out. I decided that I would use this time to settle my “battle” with this girl. I decided to give her a card with some candy. The card said something like, ” I am sorry that we had a misunderstanding, but I hope things can be cool between us”. Anyway, so body sculpting comes, and everyone is exchanging cards and treats. I walked over and handed mine to her, and just said “Here you go, I made this for you” and walked away. As we were walking out to the track, she ran up to me, and her normally sour face and a huge smile on it. She said, “Thank you so much, this is the only card I got today. I am sorry I over reacted, I realize now I was wrong, and I am sorry. ” We talked for a little bit, and introduced each other, and that was that! I am so glad that I settled that, and that we were able to be acquaintances. Unfortunately, we didn’t become best friends, and she didn’t join my walking group, but I did notice that she made friends with some other girls in the class, and we occasionally talked while working out in the weight room.

I am glad I made that choice that day, and it makes me feel good that I was able to make someones day during a somewhat selfish stage of my life.

Flashback Friday

This is a flashback, way back to two weeks ago. Tanner and his friend Eli had a blast playing outside in the snow and sledding down the hill of the yard. Becca, Leah, Natalya, and I stayed nice and toasty, watching the boys from the front window.

Snow Angels



Best Friends!