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In May we celebrated Sasha’s second birthday! We also put in our back yard which included grass, a cement pad, and a basketball hoop. After spending the day messing around the yard and having a family birthday party, Trent realized he had broke the basketball hoop and we needed to take it down that night. So, From9pm-2am Trent and I took that whole thing down! I was exhausted, and I felt so bad for Trent! He had laid the sod and put the hoop up that day. Luckily we were able to figure out what was wrong and fix it and put it back up.


It was also mothers day! I was sufficiently spoiled!


Tanner received principles pride. Tanner’s 3rd grade teacher was not the best, and definitely did not like Tanner. So this was a nice surprise, and we figured if his teacher gave him principles pride then he really did deserve it!


This was the month that is started warming up outside and we could spend a lot of time outside.


In the middle of the month I participated in a relay down Ogden Canyon. I signed yo to run 5 miles but ended up running 8! It is the furthest I have ever ran, and probably the fuirthest I will ever run. It rained the entire time, but that just added to the fun. My friend Emily and I were lucky to be able to hang out in a diner while we waited for our leg of the race. They gave us free drinks too! It made waking up at 4:30am a little worth it. Afterwards I felt sick all day. I had to run Nadia to Springville for her Ballet pictures and practice. It was quite the day, and I am sure I slept great that night.


Near the end of the month Tanner had his pinewood derby! It was a close race, but he ended up in second!


Natalya also had her last soccer game as a Butterbee! They weren’t the best team, but Natalya was able to score a few goals, and she had a blast doing it!



April was the month of baseball and the bum shoulder. On April first I fell down the stairs carrying the vacuum and dislocated my shoulder. It is the 3rd bad dislocation I have had in my life, so we were worried surgery was immanent. but thanks to an awesomely ugly sling for three weeks and some physical therapy, I healed up nicely! However, it put a damper on my favorite month of the year. It was rough being a mom with one arm for a month.

Tanner started baseball this month (the games at least). Holy cow we had no idea what we were getting into! Games and practices almost every night of the week. But, he loved it so we may be doing it again. He was on the Orioles and their team wasn’t so great, but the coach was awesome and Tanner improved immensely.


After the accident came my birthday! I had an awesome day. My friends spoiled me left and right and so did my husband, I loved it!


Natalya also started soccer again for the spring season. They played a lot better this season and Natalya scored a few more goals.


And we spent some time with cousins, which we need to do more often!




Tanner and Natalya has the entire month of March off of school, so we made sure to make it fun! Trent was out of town several weeks as well, so we tried to keep busy!

20130302_100141.jpg 20130302_095953.jpg

 Tanner finished up his season of Jr. Jazz in Lehi, only to start a competitive team in Herriman. He loved it! They used the whole court, kept score, and had fouls. The highlight of the season was when Tanner’s team was down by 2 with 1 minutes left. Tanner was fouled, and then made both his free throw shots which helped his team win the game! They only lost one game the entire season!

20130311_194700.jpg 20130311_193224.jpg

 We spent an afternoon at Scheels. Kids loved the Ferris wheel, the fish tank, and all the picture taking spots! Nadia was obsessed with the president statues that talked, and Sasha loved the fish tank!

20130305_145633.jpg 20130305_145542.jpg 20130305_145527.jpg 20130305_143616.jpg 20130305_141539.jpg

 Our biggest adventure was our 24 hour trip to Vegas! We left really early one morning, arrived in Vegas around 1pm. We spent the day at the park with my sister in law and her kids, then went to dinner with them and my brother. We stayed overnight in a hotel, then we went swimming the next day with my sister in law. We also hit up jack in the box and pink box doughnuts and the headed home around 3pm. It was such a short trip, but we had so much fun! The kids were awesome on the drive and they still talk about it. I definitely think we will go again, but stay longer next time! The best part was the 75 degree weather, and Utah was still in the 50’s!

20130313_134524.jpg 20130313_130546.jpg 20130313_091614.jpg 20130312_193212.jpg 20130312_190730.jpg 20130312_181420.jpg 20130312_103235.jpg

Another outing was to the farm. Our good friend Bonnie Wadley (or sister wobbly as Nadia calls her) lives on a farm in Lehi. We have visited her a few times before, but the older two have not been. We got to see baby sheep, wild turkeys, horses, and chickens! The kids loved it, and we love Bonnie!

20130328_143022.jpg 20130328_142942.jpg 20130328_142556.jpg 20130328_141038.jpg 20130328_140352.jpg

 The last even was Easter. We were able to do two Easter egg hunts, one in our new neighborhood, and one in our old! We also, colored eggs, and hid Easter baskets for the kids Sunday morning. As always, I had too much fun picking out Easter clothes for the kids.

IMG_20130331_124426.jpg 20130331_083938.jpg 20130331_083302.jpg 20130331_083250.jpg 20130330_175415.jpg 20130330_094145.jpg 20130330_093529.jpg





February was cold and full of more BYU basketball games, school, church, Jr. Jazz and enjoying our new house now that things had calmed down a bit.

20130223_101703.jpg 20130221_080917.jpg 20130220_084500.jpg 20130219_200846.jpg 20130216_164053.jpg 20130214_141148.jpg 20130212_132001.jpg 20130209_123459.jpg IMG_20130123_104357.jpg

This month Sasha had her first haircut! it was just a little bit, but it got rid of the mullet

20130210_180144.jpg 20130210_101137.jpg

We cheered on the 49ers in the super bowl

20130203_185455.jpg 20130203_185433.jpg

 Had a great Valentines day

20130214_155926.jpg 20130214_141013.jpg

 The girls and I went and saw Ballet Wests Cinderella. Nadia will be performing Cinderella with her ballet school in June!


We spent the end of the month celebrating Tanner’s birthday! I asked him what kind of party he wanted, and he said he wanted an oreo party where he could try all the different flavors of oreos! So, I made it happen.

IMGP7067.jpg IMGP7102.jpg IMGP7092.jpg

 We played an oreo stacking game, and my mother in law beat everyone by being able to stack an entire package of oreos! Meanwhile, Sasha and her twin cousins played that game “how many oreos can I stuff in my mouth”.

IMGP7089.jpg IMGP7079.jpg IMGP7076.jpg



In January Trent and I spent a few days in Las Vegas for CES. This is our second year going. Trent goes to the conference while I shop with my sister in law Ashley and her kids! This year Trent got sick while we were there (last year it was me who was sick, with the same thing!) And so we ended up hanging out together more than we had planned, which was even better! Unfortunately we had some bad luck. On our last evening in Vegas, we got a flat tire on our rental car (we had a rental car because we only had one vehicle at the time because of Trent’s accident, and it was at home with grandma). We ended up having to switch cars, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. We left in the evening the next day, and within two hours of our trip we hit the most epic snow storm. We had zero visibility and it took us 4 extra hours to get home because of it. Luckily, the new rental car had much better tired AND heated seats. Blessing in disguise!

We spent a lot of the month attending BYU basketball games or watching BYU basketball games on TV. Also, Tanner started his Jr. Jazz basketball. He played in Lehi so we loved that we could see some of our old friends! And speaking of old friends, we were able to have Nadia’s very best friend Morgan over a few times.


I was also able to attend a symposium featuring Shannon Hale with my long time best friend Krystal. We were able to meet her and have her sign a few of our books. It was fun hearing her speak, she was a great sense of humor!


And, because I love it, we had an epic winter! So much snow!


At the end of the month, Natalya earned principles pride for getting 100%on her math test! We love that she is such a smarty pants!


And a few pictures of Sasha, because she is cute and because she is the fourth child I have not kept record of her as well as the others.



We had a fun, but busy December. The kids new school here in Bluffdale is a year around school, and we found out the week they started that they would have the entire month of December off! I was not planning on having all the kids around while I continued to unpack and get ready for Christmas, but we ended up having a blast! We went swimming once a week, and filled up the rest of the time with other fun. We also had my side of the family visit for Christmas.

We started the month off with Nadia’s birthday! This was the first year she had a friend party. Since we had just moved, we caravaned all her Lehi friends to our house! Her party was a movie and pizza party. So easy and fun.


Nadia also had her Christmas Ballet performance


Then my family came into town, and we had so much fun making cookies

IMGP7005.jpg IMGP7000.jpgIMGP7009.jpg

watching snow storms


Playing with cousins

IMGP7060.jpg IMGP7049.jpg

 Opening Presents


We ended the year with a few bangs. My mom got really sick while she was here and ended up in instacare and diagnosed with Pneumonia. Everyone ended up getting sick by the end of the month. Trent and Tanner were ina car accident on the way to a BYU basketball game. It totaled Trent’s car, but no one was hurt thank goodness! Lastly, Trent and I celebrated out 10th year of marriage! We celebrated by spending a few days in Vegas, without the kids!

November Happenings

November was the big move from Lehi to Bluffdale. It was bitter sweet. I love our new home and neighborhood, but I knew I would miss all the good friends I had made in the last 5 years. I was lucky enough to get a lot of help from friends and family during this move, from helping me clean, fix up the house, move, watch kids, ect. We felt very blessed! Unfortunately, I do not have any of pictures from November, I think we were so busy that we didn’t even think to take pictures! I have a bunch on my instagram account, but I cannot seem to get them onto my computer at the time.

We had a great low key Thanksgiving, we bad a bacon weave turkey and had dessert with good friends. Then as tradition holds, my friend Mauri and I, along with our friend Natalie who we dragged along, spent the night shopping for black Friday. Best tradition ever!

We feel very fortunate to have lived in Lehi, and now Bluffdale. We have met some great friends along the way. And we loved our new home that we will hopefully stay in for years to come!


October Happenings

I am attempting to catch up on my blogging once and for all. I figure if i did it by month, it wont take me as long!

Family Pictures

Every year for the past for years we gone gone behind our house to take family pictures. This year was bitter sweet because it may be our last! We have finally conned my friend/awesome photographer/next door neighbor to come out with us and take pictures. I think these were the best pictures yet! And we snuck in a few of the kids friends too.


One reason why we won’t be back to take pictures is that we moved! To Bluffdale! Bluffdale is the next town north of Lehi, about 15 miles from away. We were so excited to find the perfect house for us, but sad to leave our neighborhood and a lot of our friends


We lived in our Lehi house for 5 years and never walked to the lake. So, we decided before we moved we needed to do it. It actually is pretty sad because it was really cool and the kids loved it.


We also did our annual trip around the alpine loop to see the fall colors. It is so beautiful, and we are so lucky to live so close to the mountains


Our month was also full of flag football and soccer. Trent coached Tanner’s team this year, and he had a few friends on the team. Natalya loves soccer, and also loves that she has some friend on her team too! Both kids played really well, but unfortunately their teams were not the best.



The color run

Another 5k under my belt. I have to say, this one was probably the most fun!



A Halloween amid boxes and packing. Tanner was a BYU football player, Natalya was a vampire, Nadia was Cinderella and Sasha was a little piggy. I think Sasha wins the contest for cutest piggy ever!







September Happenings

Our September was full of soccer and football games, house hunting,BYU football games and epic bbq’s!

Natalya played NUCS soccer and LOVED it! Who knew! The season went into the first week of October and on the only game their team one was their very last game and Natalya scored her first goal! The season will start again in March. Go Butterbees!


Tanner played flag football for Lehi City this year. Their team didn’t win very often either, but Tanner loved it!


We have BYU season tickets for football, and enjoyed some great games this year. My dad was able to attended one with us, as well as Trent parents came to a few. I love this tradition we have, and I love BYU! During BYU/Utah rivalry week Trent’s company played a prank on the Ute fans, We did a flash mob in their office and dome other shenanigans, Several news stations were there to cover it. This is a traidtion now 3 or 4 years running where the Ute and BYU fans at his office play pranks on each other.


We also hosted an epic bbq in the field behind our house. We provided meat for about 200 plus people in our ward and neighborhood. Others helped by bringing side dishes and desserts. It was seriously a blast. Trent made smoked salmon, pulled pork, and ribs. We also had meatballs in Trent’s famous bbq sauce and some friends of ours smoked chicken. We had a huge assortment of side dishes and desserts and I was sad I couldn’t try everything. And a hug thanks to all our friends who helped out!



First Day of School

This year Tanner started 3rd grade and Natalya started 1st! We were very excited about the teachers they got this year. Tanner had Mr’s Robinson and Natalya had Mrs. Jackson. Both were very good for them! Natalya picked out her own first day of school outfit, and Tanner wanted to look sporty and smart.


Before school Natalya also received her first grown up hair cut and a real salon!