In May we celebrated Sasha’s second birthday! We also put in our back yard which included grass, a cement pad, and a basketball hoop. After spending the day messing around the yard and having a family birthday party, Trent realized he had broke the basketball hoop and we needed to take it down that night. So, From9pm-2am Trent and I took that whole thing down! I was exhausted, and I felt so bad for Trent! He had laid the sod and put the hoop up that day. Luckily we were able to figure out what was wrong and fix it and put it back up.


It was also mothers day! I was sufficiently spoiled!


Tanner received principles pride. Tanner’s 3rd grade teacher was not the best, and definitely did not like Tanner. So this was a nice surprise, and we figured if his teacher gave him principles pride then he really did deserve it!


This was the month that is started warming up outside and we could spend a lot of time outside.


In the middle of the month I participated in a relay down Ogden Canyon. I signed yo to run 5 miles but ended up running 8! It is the furthest I have ever ran, and probably the fuirthest I will ever run. It rained the entire time, but that just added to the fun. My friend Emily and I were lucky to be able to hang out in a diner while we waited for our leg of the race. They gave us free drinks too! It made waking up at 4:30am a little worth it. Afterwards I felt sick all day. I had to run Nadia to Springville for her Ballet pictures and practice. It was quite the day, and I am sure I slept great that night.


Near the end of the month Tanner had his pinewood derby! It was a close race, but he ended up in second!


Natalya also had her last soccer game as a Butterbee! They weren’t the best team, but Natalya was able to score a few goals, and she had a blast doing it!


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