April was the month of baseball and the bum shoulder. On April first I fell down the stairs carrying the vacuum and dislocated my shoulder. It is the 3rd bad dislocation I have had in my life, so we were worried surgery was immanent. but thanks to an awesomely ugly sling for three weeks and some physical therapy, I healed up nicely! However, it put a damper on my favorite month of the year. It was rough being a mom with one arm for a month.

Tanner started baseball this month (the games at least). Holy cow we had no idea what we were getting into! Games and practices almost every night of the week. But, he loved it so we may be doing it again. He was on the Orioles and their team wasn’t so great, but the coach was awesome and Tanner improved immensely.


After the accident came my birthday! I had an awesome day. My friends spoiled me left and right and so did my husband, I loved it!


Natalya also started soccer again for the spring season. They played a lot better this season and Natalya scored a few more goals.


And we spent some time with cousins, which we need to do more often!



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