Tanner and Natalya has the entire month of March off of school, so we made sure to make it fun! Trent was out of town several weeks as well, so we tried to keep busy!

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 Tanner finished up his season of Jr. Jazz in Lehi, only to start a competitive team in Herriman. He loved it! They used the whole court, kept score, and had fouls. The highlight of the season was when Tanner’s team was down by 2 with 1 minutes left. Tanner was fouled, and then made both his free throw shots which helped his team win the game! They only lost one game the entire season!

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 We spent an afternoon at Scheels. Kids loved the Ferris wheel, the fish tank, and all the picture taking spots! Nadia was obsessed with the president statues that talked, and Sasha loved the fish tank!

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 Our biggest adventure was our 24 hour trip to Vegas! We left really early one morning, arrived in Vegas around 1pm. We spent the day at the park with my sister in law and her kids, then went to dinner with them and my brother. We stayed overnight in a hotel, then we went swimming the next day with my sister in law. We also hit up jack in the box and pink box doughnuts and the headed home around 3pm. It was such a short trip, but we had so much fun! The kids were awesome on the drive and they still talk about it. I definitely think we will go again, but stay longer next time! The best part was the 75 degree weather, and Utah was still in the 50’s!

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Another outing was to the farm. Our good friend Bonnie Wadley (or sister wobbly as Nadia calls her) lives on a farm in Lehi. We have visited her a few times before, but the older two have not been. We got to see baby sheep, wild turkeys, horses, and chickens! The kids loved it, and we love Bonnie!

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 The last even was Easter. We were able to do two Easter egg hunts, one in our new neighborhood, and one in our old! We also, colored eggs, and hid Easter baskets for the kids Sunday morning. As always, I had too much fun picking out Easter clothes for the kids.

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