February was cold and full of more BYU basketball games, school, church, Jr. Jazz and enjoying our new house now that things had calmed down a bit.

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This month Sasha had her first haircut! it was just a little bit, but it got rid of the mullet

20130210_180144.jpg 20130210_101137.jpg

We cheered on the 49ers in the super bowl

20130203_185455.jpg 20130203_185433.jpg

 Had a great Valentines day

20130214_155926.jpg 20130214_141013.jpg

 The girls and I went and saw Ballet Wests Cinderella. Nadia will be performing Cinderella with her ballet school in June!


We spent the end of the month celebrating Tanner’s birthday! I asked him what kind of party he wanted, and he said he wanted an oreo party where he could try all the different flavors of oreos! So, I made it happen.

IMGP7067.jpg IMGP7102.jpg IMGP7092.jpg

 We played an oreo stacking game, and my mother in law beat everyone by being able to stack an entire package of oreos! Meanwhile, Sasha and her twin cousins played that game “how many oreos can I stuff in my mouth”.

IMGP7089.jpg IMGP7079.jpg IMGP7076.jpg


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