In January Trent and I spent a few days in Las Vegas for CES. This is our second year going. Trent goes to the conference while I shop with my sister in law Ashley and her kids! This year Trent got sick while we were there (last year it was me who was sick, with the same thing!) And so we ended up hanging out together more than we had planned, which was even better! Unfortunately we had some bad luck. On our last evening in Vegas, we got a flat tire on our rental car (we had a rental car because we only had one vehicle at the time because of Trent’s accident, and it was at home with grandma). We ended up having to switch cars, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. We left in the evening the next day, and within two hours of our trip we hit the most epic snow storm. We had zero visibility and it took us 4 extra hours to get home because of it. Luckily, the new rental car had much better tired AND heated seats. Blessing in disguise!

We spent a lot of the month attending BYU basketball games or watching BYU basketball games on TV. Also, Tanner started his Jr. Jazz basketball. He played in Lehi so we loved that we could see some of our old friends! And speaking of old friends, we were able to have Nadia’s very best friend Morgan over a few times.


I was also able to attend a symposium featuring Shannon Hale with my long time best friend Krystal. We were able to meet her and have her sign a few of our books. It was fun hearing her speak, she was a great sense of humor!


And, because I love it, we had an epic winter! So much snow!


At the end of the month, Natalya earned principles pride for getting 100%on her math test! We love that she is such a smarty pants!


And a few pictures of Sasha, because she is cute and because she is the fourth child I have not kept record of her as well as the others.


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