We had a fun, but busy December. The kids new school here in Bluffdale is a year around school, and we found out the week they started that they would have the entire month of December off! I was not planning on having all the kids around while I continued to unpack and get ready for Christmas, but we ended up having a blast! We went swimming once a week, and filled up the rest of the time with other fun. We also had my side of the family visit for Christmas.

We started the month off with Nadia’s birthday! This was the first year she had a friend party. Since we had just moved, we caravaned all her Lehi friends to our house! Her party was a movie and pizza party. So easy and fun.


Nadia also had her Christmas Ballet performance


Then my family came into town, and we had so much fun making cookies

IMGP7005.jpg IMGP7000.jpgIMGP7009.jpg

watching snow storms


Playing with cousins

IMGP7060.jpg IMGP7049.jpg

 Opening Presents


We ended the year with a few bangs. My mom got really sick while she was here and ended up in instacare and diagnosed with Pneumonia. Everyone ended up getting sick by the end of the month. Trent and Tanner were ina car accident on the way to a BYU basketball game. It totaled Trent’s car, but no one was hurt thank goodness! Lastly, Trent and I celebrated out 10th year of marriage! We celebrated by spending a few days in Vegas, without the kids!

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