October Happenings

I am attempting to catch up on my blogging once and for all. I figure if i did it by month, it wont take me as long!

Family Pictures

Every year for the past for years we gone gone behind our house to take family pictures. This year was bitter sweet because it may be our last! We have finally conned my friend/awesome photographer/next door neighbor to come out with us and take pictures. I think these were the best pictures yet! And we snuck in a few of the kids friends too.


One reason why we won’t be back to take pictures is that we moved! To Bluffdale! Bluffdale is the next town north of Lehi, about 15 miles from away. We were so excited to find the perfect house for us, but sad to leave our neighborhood and a lot of our friends


We lived in our Lehi house for 5 years and never walked to the lake. So, we decided before we moved we needed to do it. It actually is pretty sad because it was really cool and the kids loved it.


We also did our annual trip around the alpine loop to see the fall colors. It is so beautiful, and we are so lucky to live so close to the mountains


Our month was also full of flag football and soccer. Trent coached Tanner’s team this year, and he had a few friends on the team. Natalya loves soccer, and also loves that she has some friend on her team too! Both kids played really well, but unfortunately their teams were not the best.



The color run

Another 5k under my belt. I have to say, this one was probably the most fun!



A Halloween amid boxes and packing. Tanner was a BYU football player, Natalya was a vampire, Nadia was Cinderella and Sasha was a little piggy. I think Sasha wins the contest for cutest piggy ever!







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