September Happenings

Our September was full of soccer and football games, house hunting,BYU football games and epic bbq’s!

Natalya played NUCS soccer and LOVED it! Who knew! The season went into the first week of October and on the only game their team one was their very last game and Natalya scored her first goal! The season will start again in March. Go Butterbees!


Tanner played flag football for Lehi City this year. Their team didn’t win very often either, but Tanner loved it!


We have BYU season tickets for football, and enjoyed some great games this year. My dad was able to attended one with us, as well as Trent parents came to a few. I love this tradition we have, and I love BYU! During BYU/Utah rivalry week Trent’s company played a prank on the Ute fans, We did a flash mob in their office and dome other shenanigans, Several news stations were there to cover it. This is a traidtion now 3 or 4 years running where the Ute and BYU fans at his office play pranks on each other.


We also hosted an epic bbq in the field behind our house. We provided meat for about 200 plus people in our ward and neighborhood. Others helped by bringing side dishes and desserts. It was seriously a blast. Trent made smoked salmon, pulled pork, and ribs. We also had meatballs in Trent’s famous bbq sauce and some friends of ours smoked chicken. We had a huge assortment of side dishes and desserts and I was sad I couldn’t try everything. And a hug thanks to all our friends who helped out!



2 thoughts on “September Happenings

  1. Joyce

    You guys were amazing doing that “epic” barbecue for so many people. Our favorite was the smoked salmon but all of it was delicious!

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