Our Summer of Awesomeness

Before I get too far behind on the blog, I thought I should really start combining events… like all of summer for instance! We really had the best summer ever. I wanted to have a good summer that wasn’t wasted on laying around. We had a great work schedule and learning schedule, and then the kids played with friends or we had activities to do ALL summer. It was seriously awesome and I was a little sad for the kids to go back to school. Here are some of the highlights:

Lehi round-up week and mini float parade


Our ward had a float in the Lehi round up mini float parade this year. I wanted my kids to have a chance to be in a real parade so I volunteered them to do it. All went well until the last mile of the parade. Nadia decided to reach for a piece of candy she saw on the street and flipped right off and had her arm ran over. It was pretty bad, but luckily no broken bones. The tired track marks were still noticeable 3 months later!

Natalya’s 6th birthday party


Natalya turned 6 on July 6th! We threw her a fun back yard pool party with all of her friends, and also had a family party as well!

We had an epic fireworks show for pioneer day, Trent and our friends spent money on a lot of fireworks and did a big show in our friends culdesac.


Tanner had a great season of baseball!


We spent a day at Lagoon with our good friends the Brewers


And swimming! We went swimming as often as possible. Three of the 4 kids can now swim and I love it!





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