Girl Scout Sleepover

Natalya participated in Girl Scouts during the school year, and at the end of the year we deicded to do a girl scout sleepover at a friends cabin in Park City. In the end only my friend Mauri and I could go (along with our girls). It was a blast!

We started out our night by going out to dinner. Then we headed to the cabin to play, make smores, and do a few crafts. I think Nadia was the messiest I have ever seen! After a bath we watched a movie with all kinds of junk food and then attempted to get the girls to fall asleep.


In the morning we went on a nice little hike, did some outlet shopping (that is part of girl scouts right?) and then headed home. It was fun to have a night away with my daughters and friends! Hopefully we can find another excuse to do it again.



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