Last Day of School and My First Offical 5k

When you are months behind on your blog, you kind of have to combine events just to catch up!

In May I ran my first official 5k (or maybe it was April?). My friend Sarah and I ran for Inter-mountain Healing Hearts to support my friend Mauri who little girl Darla Jane was born with a heart defect. It was a great 5k, other then there were hills! That about killed me. However, we finished right around 35 minutes which I thought was pretty awesome for my first race. Mauri and her kids walked it, so we were able to go back and walk the end with her! It was a great day!


Then, at the end of May the kids had their last day of school! I was able to help with Natalya’s last day of school beach party! Natalya loved Kindergarten, and loved her teacher Ms. Peterson. She also made some very good friends as well!


Natalya with her friends: Paisley, Mia, and Anjalee


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