Gymmnastics and Dance Recitals and a Pinewood Derby

The beginning of summer also brings the end of year recitals! Natalya had her gymnastics recital where she showed off her routines she had been working on for months! It was fun to see how much she has improved since last year.


Nadia had her big ballet recital as well. She performed a number in Swan Lake. Her and her class were baby swans. I may be biased, but I thought they were the prettiest costumes in the whole performance! Nadia did great, while she kept looking off stage (come to find out Rothbart was waiting in the wings), she still did all her moves. She is such a great little dancer and I am excited to see how she improves as she gets older! Oh, and the first few pictures are from the dress rehearsal.


And not to leave out Tanner… he had his first Pinewood Derby! Trent and Tanner spent an entire day working on the car. And yes, Tanner actually did most of the work. It was a really fun event for everyone, and Nadia was especially happy to see her best friend Morgan! Tanner did really well, but in then ended up in 4th place. He was bummed but he had such a fun time he really didn’t care (which is saying a lot when it comes to Tanner). Oh and Tanner also received his Bobcat while at the derby, he had been waiting on it for a few months so he was very excited!


One thought on “Gymmnastics and Dance Recitals and a Pinewood Derby

  1. Joyce

    The kids are growing up too fast! You have so many fun things in Lehi for the kids to participate in. Wish we were closer to see what they are doing!

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