New York Day 4

Our fourth day in New York was also cool and rainy. We hit up an awesome pastry shop called Beard Papas for first breakfast (where they had the best hot chocolate) and then seriously the best donut shop ever for second breakfast. It was called Donut Plant and the donuts were seriously like 5 dollars each but they were divine. The tres leches donut was divine. We ended up buying three. including a pistachio and a hazelnut, but it was so hard to choose. Seriously if you like donuts and are ever in New York you have to go there.


After our very healthy breakfast we headed to the 9/11 memorial. It was very cool and sobering to be there. I wish it would have all been complete and the museum would have been open, but the memorial fountains and the new buildings going up were very cool to see.


After we stopped at a Small Italian restaurant. In New York all the restaurants are rated with letter grades based on their cleanliness. Every restaurant we went to was an A grade, which was amazing cause we went to some hole in the wall places that were cheap. Trent researched all the restaurantsĀ  before we went so we only went to the best rated (as far as taste) and cheapest (we never spent more than $30 on a meal). This Italian restaurant had a B rating, but it was by far the most amazing food we ate while in New York. I had a tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella salad, Trent ordered the lasagna, and I also ordered gnocchi. It was like heaven on a plate, their homemade mozzarella was seriousness the best thing I had ever eaten in my life. Be jealous.


From there we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately, we got there late and we didn’t know they were closing early so we only had about a little over an hourĀ  to spend. And if you have ever been there you know that is not enough time! however, we tried to see as much as possible.


For dinner we hit up an arepas bar. And Trent was spot on with every where we ate. This place was also so good. It was fun becuse I ate a lot of food on this trip I never had before. The other fun things was the restaurants we ate at were very small, but they would squeeze in as many people as possible This meant eating elbow to elbow with strangers, which was fun in itself. We had some fun conversations while we were there.


Our last event of the night was seeing Wicked! We had great seats and it was so fun to be able to see it on Broadway. In the end though we both decided that we wish we went to see Newsies or Mary Poppins instead.


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