New York Day 3…err or Washington D.C.

On our third day we woke up way too early and had to catch a train to Washington DC! Seriously, without kids waking up early to catch a train and to then be on said train for 3 hours is actually somewhat enjoyable! Trent and I spent our time on our computers and napping. When we arrived in DC we checked our stuff into a locker and headed for the nearest Metro station.


We immediately started our day at the white house and surrounding areas. Checked out the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WW2 Memorial and reflecting pond (which actually wasn’t reflecting because they are doing construction on it) and a few other memorials surrounding the area. We then decided to get some lunch. Trent had places picked out for us to eat in DC too, but unfortunately we had some bad luck. We took the Metro to Dupont circle and then had to walk probably 3 miles in the rain  to get to the Amsterdam Falafel Shop. Luckily it was worth it! The food was excellent and I had never had Falafel before, and their fries were awesome. Oh, and I LOVED Dupont circle. I wanna live there someday. What I loved most about Washington DC was the old architecture. Our country is young, but it was so fun to see the buildings that have been around for 100 years, and how long it probably took them to build it!


After lunch we were smart and took a cab to the metro station which then took us back to the National Mall. Oh, but we had to take a stop at Crumbs for some cupcakes:) We spent the rest of our day at the National Archives and the Museum of Natural History. We would have hit up more museums but everything closed at 5pm. Which was sad for us. I loved that everything was free though, makes me want to go  back again someday with the kids.


Our next adventure to find food for dinner took us to the wrong part of town. We then had to walk about 12 blocks through through wrong part of town (thank goodness it wasn’t dark) to find a Wing Shack that ended up being closed! Then we got a cab to take us to a Thai place that also wasn’t open! And then Trent left his phone in the cab! Luckily both the cab driver and Trent noticed within seconds of him pulling away and we were able to get it back. We would have been LOST without it. So, having walked almost 30,000 steps that day (and yes I had my pedometer on), we found an area full of a bunch of restaurants and we picked the best rated one which happened to  be Vegan. We ordered a grilled cheese (vegan cheese?), soup and a dessert. It was actually pretty good, but after the fact the thought of Vegan cheese made me feel ill. Not long after that we had to head back to catch our train to New York. One day in DC was not enough, but we made the most of it!

The train ride home was uneventful and we were back to the inn by about 11pm. And we found out New York had terrible weather all day (wind, rain, thunderstorms) so we picked the right day to go to DC!


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