New York: Day 2

The best part of our whole vacation was the fact we had a very flexible schedule so even though we had plans to go out for breakfast Monday morning, we slept in until 9:30 instead. It was wonderful! Since our room was constantly replenished with food we just ate in our room and then headed out into the city! We spent the morning at the Central park zoo. It was a really nice zoo, but also small which was perfect. My favorite part was the seals that would swim around and around, occasionally jumping out to say hi! Part of the tickets involved watching a 3d movie. The one we caught was a movie about polar bears and it also had real wind or snow blowing in your face , as well as the seats moving and such, it was pretty awesome. Trent was very good about not working too much while on our trip, but with his job, it is impossible to completely be cut off… so I was sure to capture some of those moments!


After the park we made another long trek to the sandwich place we wanted to go to on Sunday (but it was closed, remember??).  This time it was open, yay! So we grabed some sandwiches and headed  back to the room to eat and take a rest. Oh, and we stopped by the best rated cookie shop in New York City on our way home too, the chocolate peanut butter cookie was divine!


This is when it started raining, so instead of going on a boat tour like we had planned, we decided to do our Top of the Rock tour. Trent had been to New York the year before and had done the Empire State building. He said it was over crowded and not worth the wait, so we did this instead. It was so fun to see all sides of New York, and even cooler since I love the show 30 rock! It was raining a bit, but that didn’t ruin our fun at all! Of course we had to hit up the Rockefeller plaza and the lego store.


For dinner we headed back to Brooklyn to eat at a pretty famous and popular pizza place called Grimaldi’s. Usually you have to wait in a very long line to be seated, but we arrived a little after 8, and had almost no wait! The pizza was delicious, and I am pretty sure I got hot chocolate there too. It was fun to have real New York Style Pizza. We also sat right next to two guys who live in New York. It was fun to talk to them and get a “local” view of places we should go. One of the guys had been living in New York for 7 years but is originally from out of the country. We asked him his favorite nice restaurant in New York, he said Red Lobster.


This was the night of one of few our “mess ups” of the trip. We were on the subway headed back to the Inn, and Trent realized he had left our camera at the restaurant. It being New York, and the fact we were leaving for DC in the morning, we knew we had to go right back. Unfortunately the subway station is several blocks away from the pizza place, and I had to use the bathroom pretty bad. So, I sent Trent to get the camera, while I went into a safe looking and very lit up grocery store. I wondered around the store until Trent came back (I thought that safer then being outside at night, and I was probably right). It only threw us off about 30 min, and the camera was safe and sound!



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