Sasha is one!

Sasha turned one on May 4th. It turned out to be a perfect day for a party! My parent were in town and lots of family were able to come. I think Sasha new it was her birthday too, she would get so excited when we said happy birthday or sang to her, and she loved the balloon!


We had a Taco Bar to feed everyone, delicious cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake, and awesome decor borrowed from my friend Mauri.


Sasha loved all her presents and was very spoiled! We especially loved the Tweety Bird card she got from Grandma Fulkerson. See the resemblance?


We knew Sasha would love her cake too! She went right for it and didn’t stop. She had a death grip on it!



A few weeks later we also snapped her one year old pictures! She was semi cooperative. I was just happy we caught some classic “Sashsa” looks.


I have not been as good at updating things about Sasha as I was with the other kids (isn’t that how it is with number 4?). Sasha started crawling at bout 6 months old. It was so funny to see her crawl because she is so tiny! SOon after that she was pulling herself up and walking along things. We though for sure she would be walking at 10 months, but she waited until 11 months. Even now at 14 months (yes this post is delayed) people will make comments about how she is too little to be walking, and “look at that tiny baby walking around!”. At her one year check up (at 13 months) she was 30 % for head, 14 % for wieght at 17 pounds, and 1% on height at 27 inches. At 12 months she is still in 6-12 month sized clothes, and will be for a while longer. We love that she is so tiny! Her small frame is made up for in personality. She is such a calm and happy baby. She has some really funny mannersism and faces she pulls. Her little toungue is still sticking out, but we now know that it is simply pecause she has a small palate. We has to take her recently to primary chldrens hospital in order to have her skull examined. Luckily she is ok! Sasha does not say alot, but does understand alot. She can say mom, dad, bye, and hi, but she understand most of what we tell her. Sasha loves animlas and pretty much anything that moves on it’s own. She is fansitanted by Kenobi and will follow him around tha house waving and saying “hi” over and over. If she is lucky he will sit still long enough to let her pet him and she squeals with delight! Sasha loves being one of the big girls and being included in what Natalya and Nadia are doing. She also loves spending one on one time with Tanner in his room, and thinks he is the funniest! She also loves Dad and will follow him around when he is home. Our favoriteis when she wants to sit in his lap (or anyones lap) she starts from about 3 feet away and starts backing up and then just plops down. She also loves mom, especially when she wakes up in the morning. Sasha also loves being outside, and escapes anytime the door is open. She could be outside all day! We love our tiny happy girl! And liked Nadia asked not too long ago, “can we keep her?”

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