Crib Time

After we moved the kids into the bunk beds, we moved Nadia into the crib! She has been sleeping in a cradle in our guest room since she was about 4 weeks old, so it wasn’t a huge step for me. She does just took so tiny it in though!


The funniest part, Natalya still naps in the crib. Even though the crib is raised and the mattress is about 6 inches from the sides she still doesn’t climb out, haha!

I also love that Natalya sneaks into the room when she is supposed to be in bed. We will often find stuffed animals, books, or fluff (Natalya holds fluff in her hand when she sucks her thumb, it is a comfort thing) in the crib with Nadia. She will also turn on the little night stand light so she isn’t in the dark. She apparently is trying to comfort her, or be the mom.

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