Happy St. Patricks Day!

I love this holiday. or any holiday where kids can learn about “magical”things. The kids woke up to giant coins scattered around downstairs for them to find, green milk, and green eggs! Tanner asked me a million questions about leprechauns all day long, and now he wants to go to the end of a rainbow to find the rest of the gold!

We also made green cake and all wore green! I wish I had more pictures but I was unmotivated to take pictures yesterday. We also had intentions of making crafts but the weather was too nice to stay inside! So Tanner and some of his neighbor friends went on a hunt for more leprechaun gold!!


For dinner we had our traditional rueben sandwiches. Guess from everyone being sick (everyday someone else is sick, yesterday Natalya, today Tanner) I wasn’t very prepared. After reading other people’s blogs and gettubg ideas I think we will have an even better St. Patricks Day next year!

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