Happy Groundhogs Day!

Today wasn’t such a great Mom day for me. After sleeping though the night (11pm-8am) the night before, Nadia woke up every two hours last night, making it a “no sleep” night for me. Hence, bad Mom day.

Anyway, to save myself from major mom suckiness, I threw together a last minute groundhog day celebration. First I explained the the kids what groundhogs day is. “A groundhog name Punxsutawney Phil (laugh), who lives in Pennsylvania (more laughing) comes out of his hole in the ground and if he sees his shadow, it means 6 more weeks of winter, if he doesn’t, Spring will come early!”(hysterical laughing). It sounded so ridiculous out loud, that Tanner didn’t even believe me until I showed him a video of it online. Why didn’t I ever find the humor in all this before. I guess I have never actually explained it out loud. I would love to explain this idea to a foreigner and see how they react.


Anyway, after dinner the kids made a project. First you cut a hole out of a paper cup, then have the kids paint it brown. While it is drying have kids color a little picture of a ground hog (I found one online). Glue it to a popcicle stick. Then, when the paint is dry, the kids can have their groundhog “poke” his head out of the “ground” to see his shadow.


We then had our special groundhog treat. I made dirt out of pudding and crushed up cookies and I stuck a different groundhog on a stick in it. The kids thought it was great, and I saved the day! (Tanner kept calling it a wart hog).


7 Responses to “Happy Groundhogs Day!”

  • Erin Says:

    that entry made me laugh. i totally forgot it was groundhog’s day until evan came home from preschool with a groundhog craft much like the one you described. i remember one of my teachers in high school would send each of his daughters a dozen roses every groundhog’s day. i bet he still does that, isn’t that random? lol. i’m glad you saved the day, usually on my bad mommy days (hmm, i seem to have at least one a week…) evan gets to watch tv/play video games all day. on good mommy days we do crafts and make treats! lol!

  • Amanda Says:

    You’re such a crafty mom :) . Even at your worst…I didn’t even know that it was groundhogs day today.

  • Jessica Says:

    That is so clever! And to think you pulled it off on the day after a no sleep night. That most definitely does NOT make you a lame mom. Awesome idea!

  • jen Says:

    What a good mom you are!! I love the cute grand kids pictures too! How fun!

  • Dad Fulkerson Says:

    Ground Hog’s Day rules; how could anyone forget about it? You should also have watched the movie.

  • Coretta Says:

    your explanation of this silly silly tradition made me laugh… it’s so hard to explain stuff like this to kids. Way to go. They’ll never forget it now.

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