Tuesday Tell All: Do You Work Out?

I am not as dedicated as I was before I was pregnant, but that’s okay, right? I go walking in the morning twice a week. I try to do some kind of video (usually a p90x workout) once a week, and then twice a week I do some weights, lunges, floor work, and intense stretching (in front of the tv, that is my motivation. If I am really feeling it, I will do Yoga on Sunday evening. But, in all reality, I usually just do walking twice a week, then weights and stuff maybe one other night.

As soon as my 6 weeks are up after baby is born, I am going to do P90X religiously. It is a 90 day workout program that is supposed to get you in killer shape. I started it right before I got pregant, but then had to stop for obvious reasons.

If anyone is intersted in walking with me, let me know!

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