A Great Lunch

This pregnancy, like Natalya’s I have been craving salad. I buy a bog box of organic greens at Costco, and it lasts two weeks, until my next costco trip. Because of this, I have started getting a little creative on my salads, and they have turned out so good! Here are some, just in case you want to try! (And they are actually healthy, so if you are looking to eat healthier, these would be great!)

Taco Salad

Lay salad greens in the bottom of a bowl

Layer with crushed tortilla chips,

a 1/4 cup drained and rinsed black beans


(you can add ranch, sour cream or cheese if you want, but really it is so yummy without it!)

Raspberry Walnut Salad

Salad greens

toasted or untoasted walnut gems

1/4 cup feta or blue cheese

Raspberry walnut vinaigrette

And this is what I had today, and it was so good

Greek Wrap

Tortilla, Pita, or other wrap

Layer with salad greens

feta cheese

chopped cucumber

chopped tomatoes

sour cream or plain yogurt

chopped olives and a little bit of the olive juice

salt and pepper

some kind of meat (I used cut up chicken nuggets, you could use grilled chicken, or for real greekness, lamb)

wrap it up and eat! (I also added some ranch on the top, but I don’t think it needed it)

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