Tuesday Tell All: Graduation

High school graduation was soooo long ago. Okay, maybe not that long ago:) Here is what I remember:

June 2000: I wanted to do my hair in a soft curl, so I let it air dry and tried to make it look nice, but it ended up a big frizzy mess! At least I had my cap to cover it up, right? Our graduation was outside, and since our own school did not have a football stadium, we had to use our rivals football stadium across town (oddly enough, we also played our football games there, which made for an interesting rivalry game.) The cool part was, all three of my brothers graduated from said rival high school, so we still all graduated from the same stadium. I don’t remember much about the graduation, or immediately after. Later that night we had the “safe and sober” cruise. It was on a big boat that rode around the San Fransisco Bay I think. I remember I wore some cute jeans and bought a cute little jacket thing (cause everyone said it was so cold) Then when we got on the bus, all the girsl had on these flashy clubbin’ outfits, and I felt dumb. But, the boat was cool, it has a really yummy buffet, dancing on one level (the clubbin’ outfits soon made sense), karaoke on one, and then fake gambling on the upper. I was with two of my four best friends, and my boyfriend so we all had a good time, mostly talking and eating and watching people make fools of themselves. And by the end of the night, I was so glad I had dressed so warm! Two days later, I left for BYU.

My college gradation was August 2006, 6 weeks after Natalya was born. I like to brag that I was studying for finals when I was in the hospital with her, and taking final the following week. I graduated in sociology, and it was a proud day for me. I felt like it took me so long to get there, and the stress from having one kids, and then two. I was justs o happy I was able to say I did it! Trent also graduated, but chose to watch me from the stands with our family.


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