Tuesday Tell All: Summer Memories

What do you remember about your childhood summers?

I have been influenced by the power of suggestion. I read everyone else’s post first, and I found things that I also did in my childhood summers. So, now I cannot remember anything else! But here it goes…

Summers in Tracy, CA

- selling lemonade in front of the model home offcies in our neighborhood

-making up rollerskating routines in the street with my friend Sarah

-playing in the street with the neighbor kids, baseball, football, rollerskating,

-vacation with my family to southern California to visit my grandparents, swimming in their backyard and going to Disneyland

-taking trip with just my Dad down to visit my grandparents, eating sunflower seeds and beef jerky

-going ghost hunting with my friend Sarah around our neighborhood

- summer crushes, that never lasted to the school year

-watching fireworks at Tracy High school with my family.

-playing baseball or croquet for FHE

-performing at parades and festivals for gymnastics or power tumbling

Summers in Georgia

-swimming in the nieghborhood pool everyday

-late night games with all the kids from the neighborhood

-sitting outside watching the fireflies, listening to the frogs and crikets

-going on walks with my friend Sandy and Jason

-staying up late reading, and sleeping in!

-vacations with just my parents (and maybe one of my brothers)

-moving to Georgia and trying to meet as many people as possible before school started

-gymnastics 4 days a week at 9am (ugh)

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