Tuesday Tell All

What Makes You Laugh

Lots of things make me laugh, But I will try and narrow it down…

My children make me laugh. Whenever Natalya dances, or sings, or gives me one of her cheesy grins. Tanner makes me laugh by how verbose he is sometimes. Also, when he wants something, he will come up and rub his face against mine and have this little voice “Mommy, can I have some fruit snacks”

My husband makes me laugh. Watching him play with the kids, playing video games with him, or watching funny shows or movies.

My friends make me laugh. I love it when we can just sit and laugh and joke.

I am a people watcher, so sometimes watching people, or kids especially, make me laugh. People do some random things sometimes, and I find it quite humorous!

My family makes me laugh. Being with my brothers and parents can sometimes get a little out of hand, but it and it is so funny! Trent’s family too, especially when all of Trent’s aunts get together, or late night board games with Trent’s Mom and sisters usually get me laughing uncontrollably.

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