Get to Know Me From A-Z

A-attached or single: Married

B-best friends: Trent, Ashley, Krystal, Natalie, Becca

C-cake or pie: I like most cake, and some pie, but I typically do not like mixing fruit with my dessert.

D-day of choice: Friday, for some reason I feel like the entire day is open to whatever, because we can always rest for the rest of the weekend if needed!

E-essential item(s): camera, baby wipes, water bottle

F-favorite color: blue

G-gummy worms or bears: worms, especially covered in sugar

H-hometown: Tracy, CA

I-indulgence: greasy buttery popcorn, or some kind of ooey gooey chocolaty treat

J-January or July: July, fun summer holidays and Natalya’s birthday!

K-kids: 2

L-life is incomplete without: laughter, family, and fun!

M-marriage date: December 28th, 2002

N- number of siblings: 3 older brothers

O-oranges or apples: apples, unless they are clemintines, then it would be oranges

P-phobias or fears: I am scared of the dark or someone breaking into my house

Q-quotes: “The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.

R-reasons to smile: My kids, my husband, my friends, and good food

S-season: I like all of them for different reasons, Spring is my favorite, but not the spring we are currently having. It is like second winter.

T-tag friends: Becca, Maggie, and Cassandra

U-unknown fact about me: I played clarinet for 7 years

V-very favorite store: Target

W-worst habit: being extremely lazy sometime, and sometimes not being able to sit still!

X-x-ray, ultrasound, or mammogram: Yay for ultrasounds!

Y-your favorite food: Italian and anything deep fried

Z- Zodiac: Aries

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  • Becca Bell Says:

    Okay, I’ll do this tag, probably because you put me on your best friends list! Thanks!!! You’ll be on my list. By the way, how was Life of Pi? I read that book a few years ago and really liked it.

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