Tuesday Tell All: Hand Made

I love the idea of handmade, however, I have not quite gotten into it yet. As I get older, I am hoping I can get a little more creative and do more! I do have some fantastic ideas, they just have come to fruition yet.

Here are some handmade thing that mean a lot to me:

This was my blessing dress, and now Natlaya’s blessing dress. It was made by my Grandma Amos. There is even little matching booties! My grandma used to knit us all little slippers too. I remember getting the for Christmas when I was younger, and we loved them!

These are quilt’s my mother-in-law has made for my kids. These mean a lot to me, and I know they will always be my kids special quilts!

This is something that I have made. Both Tanner and Natalya have one of these monogram signs. I painted them to match their room, and then I put the fabric from their quilts in the background. I had something like this growing up, well it was heart with my name written on it. It has always been special to me (and I still have it!) So, I hope these are just as special to my kids!

I have lots of stuff my mom has made. I think I have a few blankets she made, and a cabbage patch (she bought the head, and then made the body, some doll clothes, and I think a stuffed animal or two. I would go take pictures and show it off, but it is all in Natalya’s room and she is sleeping!

We also have a special quilt that Trent’s mom made Trent. It is made out of his grandma and grandpas old clothes! We love that quilt, and it will be one of those family quilts that everyone will fight over I am sure.

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  • Jessica Says:

    I am crazy nostalgic about heirlooms and such as my mom never saved anything from when I was younger. I keep everything thinking that one day my girls will love it when in reality they’ll probably go crazy with everything I’ve saved for them! Oh well! I hear you on the creative front. I wish I had more time for creative outlets. When they’re all born and in school, probably! Those little monogram signs are adorable!

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