Flashback Friday Revisted

Last night at the little 80′s get together, my friend Sarah showed us this clip from the movie Teen Witch. This is the epitomy of the 80′s. It is too funny not to share.

Please share your favorite part.

3 Responses to “Flashback Friday Revisted”

  • Sarah Kimmel Says:

    LOL!! My favorite part is when they kinda walk around each other like they are about to “brawl” musical style.

  • Jessica Says:

    Supersonic, Idiotic, Disconnected, Not Respected. Who would ever really wanna go and top that? Such a waste of pretty face, (I never knew what she was saying right here…) I wish you’d take a real look and really stop that. So top that. Stop that!….

    Oh Brittney I feel so close to you right now! *hee hee*

    I LOVED that show when I was younger! My sister and I watched it all the time and knew all the words to the songs. I also loved the “I Love Boys” song in the locker room. Oh the memories! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dallan Says:

    I’ll have to netflix this movie. There is nothing better than a ghetto blaster and a dance off.

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