My friend Ashley tagged me, and I am supposed to list my three favorite snacks:

1. Popcorn. My favorite is when Trent pops it on the stove top for me, and then smothers it in butter and cheese powder. Or, movie theater popcorn is pretty dang good too.

2. Nachos. My absolute favorite is nachos from a concession stand with lots of jalepenos. I also like really huge nachos from restaurants. Or, when we are at home, Trent and I make nachos from Velveeta and put in a can of rotel, but I reserve this for only when I am pregnant, so hopefully soon we will be having nachos nights again.

3. Chips. I love dill pickle lays or salt and vinegar. I also pretty much love any flavor of doritos and sun chips. Okay, honestly I have never met a chip I don’t like.

4. I was only supposed to put three, but I have a new obsession to share and I thought this was the perfect time for it. I have fallen in love with the Sweet and Salty Nut Bars by Nature Valley. I could eat them for every meal. If you have not had one, please do try them. It is like eating a candy bar, but not feeling guilty because it is a “granola bar” If you don’t know what it is, it is a granola bar that has some kind of nut layer on top (I like the almond and the peanut ones) and then on the bottom, it has nut butter from whatever nut is on top (like peanut butter or almond butter). There is something more to it than that, but I love it and so you will you, unless you don’t like nuts (Becca), or I mean you if you are alergic.

To be fair, since I listed 4 snacks instead of three I will tag four people: Jessica M., Mauri, Sarah K., and Jenny L since now I know you have a blog…

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  • Jessica Says:

    Oh those granola bars sound yummy! Are they kind of like a Payday bar? ‘Cause I love love LOVE those! Sounds yummy!
    P.S. Am I the Jessica M?

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